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Accountancy App


The team at H&M Accountants pride ourselves on staying ahead of the pack. We’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional, personalised service that delivers extraordinary results year in, year out - which is why we’ve decided to go that extra step and develop a (free!) accounting app that can help you achieve this.

Helping you manage your income, file receipts, tax, expenses and more, this app will turn accounting from a job into a hobby! And best of all? You can link your app with your H&M client portal, giving you immediate access to your files and eliminate the need to find long lost tax returns and income tax assessments ever again!

About the App

Our free accounting app is designed to make accounting simple. It’s a logbook, a tax, GST and home loan calculator, expenses manager, receipt filer, salary manager and more - all locked inside one, secure, easy to use app.

It goes without saying, but this app will make tax time a breeze. By storing all your incoming and outgoing expenses, tax information, logbooks and receipts in one place, you can simplify keeping track of your money, store files easily and even start finding ways to save!

One of the best things about our app is you can link  the app with your H&M client portal. The benefit of this is you no longer need to worry about sending through bundles of information, finding lost receipts or rush to get organised at tax time. Easily store all of your monetary transactions with this app and they already have your essential information in one collaborative place.

Not only is our app fully integrated with all platforms and boosted with one-touch functionality, but is clearly laid out and uber simple to use. It’s designed to simplify your life, not complicate it - so why not download our free app and get organised!

DOWNLOAD OUR APP - it’s free!

The key benefits of our amazing App

  • Keeping on top of your car logbook has never been easier! With a simple push of a button you can start keeping accurate records of all your travel details.

  • You have access to multiple calculators designed to help you calculate your tax, mortgage repayments, salary, GST payments, super contributions, currency conversions, daily expenses and more!

  • Know when your bills are due, keep track of the ones you’ve paid and start managing your expenses better.

  • Scan all your receipts and keep them filed in one, safe place.

  • Sync your account with your H&M accountant and never worry about finding lost receipts, pay slips or other essential information ever again!

Make keeping track of your expenses simple with our incredible app.

DOWNLOAD OUR APP - it’s free!

DOWNLOAD THE APP - it’s free!
DOWNLOAD THE APP - it’s free!