Small Business Package



Starting a new business or running a small business is an exciting time! For some, it is the awakening to the whole new world of financial management, GST and BAS statements. We want to help you make this new experience as exciting (and easy) as it can be. 

We have created a “Small Business Starter Package” to get your new or existing business off and running.  Our team will help manage your tax compliance and give you valuable insights into the operation of your business and help to highlight the key factors that you need to focus on to make your business a success. Managing the accounts and completing the tax return for your small business can be time consuming and confusing, especially if it is your first time taking on the challenge. 

Running a small business often means multitasking, and multitasking can lead to mistakes. In the end this will cost you more than just the frustration of trying to fix the problem. Spend less time worrying about your business and avoid those avoidable mistakes all while receiving valuable business growth advice from our experienced team. Let us take care of the tax lingo and let you get back to what it is that you do best!

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation includes:

  •  An hour long face-to-face fact finding meeting with one of our accountants. In this meeting we will establish an understanding of your business.
  • Determine how we can best assist you and your business going forward. 

Business Tax Return

Business Tax Return + Personal Income Tax Returns

This includes copies of:

  •  Financial Statements and Income Tax Return for the business.
  •  Personal Income Tax Returns for individuals directly related to the business (maximum two per Business). 

Quarterly Reports, Meetings, Phone calls

To keep you on track during the year, and to maximise your business potential; our accountants will:

  • Arrange face-to-face or over the phone meetings to discuss the performance of your business during the previous quarter. 
  • Use reports sourced from your Xero file and the latest online dashboard software, to discuss how the business has been performing, and any strategies that may help improve business performance in the future. 
  • Discuss how these strategies can be put into action and to hold you accountable to ensure your business reaches its goals. 
  • By having these meetings, you will be able to make more accurate and timely decisions for your business. 

Quarterly Business Activity Statements

Preparation and lodgement of the business’s quarterly business activity statements.

  • By having our office complete the business activity statements, you can be sure they are done correctly; and also assist with your cash flow (thanks to the 4 week extension for payment by lodging through our office as your tax agent). 

Xero Accounting Subscription

Xero offers small business owners and advisors the opportunity to have access to:

  • Live financial data, which will help improve the decision making process. 
  • This highly intelligent program can lessen the burden of bookkeeping, and with the ability to login from anywhere on any device, it offers business owners flexibility and convenience. 
  • Our firm has several Xero certified advisors who will be able to assist you in achieving the best result from your Xero file, and to assist with any questions, or issues. 
  • Our accountants have access to your information at the same time as you, allowing us to assist you in making adjustments, and provide assistance, where required right away. 

Ongoing Support

As the owner of a small business, you are bound to have questions throughout your journey. We are here to help, by offering support and assistance where ever we can.

If you are thinking of starting up a new business or have an existing small business that could benefit from this starter pack, please contact our friendly staff to book in your consultation now.

The value to your business of this package will definitely exceed the outlay, but we are so keen to help the next generation of business owners, that we are offering this package at a discount to our usual prices.

Your investment in the future of your business is $350 (plus GST) per month. The program will run for a 12 month period and at its conclusion, we will offer another package that will continue to generate value for your business.

Accountancy App

Our new H&M Accountants mobile phone app, contains links to many important tools for your business, as well as calculators and even a log book.