Self Managed Super Funds

         AFS Licence No. 430062

If you want to take control of your superannuation investments you will have heard about self managed super funds (SMSF).  We have years of experience, including accredited specialists, who can provide advice on whether SMSF is appropriate for you and advice on the set up and structuring of your fund.  Simply complete the contact form and we will help you start to take control of your super.

If you already have a SMSF your accountant may no longer be able to provide the advice he used to.  Using our accredited specialists and licensed advisers in this area will provide you with comfort knowing that the person you are dealing with has extensive training, documented knowledge and years of experience.

Some of the things that existing SMSF trustees need to consider are as follows:

  • Is your SMSF is still the right option for your super savings?
  • Is your current trustee structure appropriate?
  • Is your investment strategy current and relevant?
  • Are you making the most of the pension options available?
  • Is borrowing an appropriate strategy for your fund?

Much has been made recently of the regulations allowing SMSFs to borrow to acquire assets.  This strategy is very useful for some funds, but unfortunately this strategy has been over-used by “sharks” within the SMSF industry.  Rest assured that we will provide independent, unconflicted advice regarding the appropriateness of this strategy for your personal situation.

Important:  From 1 July 2016, advice about superannuation must be provided through an Australian Financial Services Licence. H & M Accountants (CRN 001244241) is a licensed representative of the SMSF Advisers Network Pty Ltd (SAN) ABN 64 155 907 681 (AFSL No. 430062, ), a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Tax and Accountants’ Association Ltd (NTAA). Philippe Phan (ARN 001244240) and Raylene Roddom (ARN 001244242) are authorised by SAN to provide superannuation and self managed superannuation fund advice.   

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