Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

Tax Law in Australia is an enormous, complicated area and everyone needs help from professionals.  Our philosophy is that tax return preparation is not the end of the service for our clients.

We provide assistance with taxation for individuals with advice around negative gearing, capital gains tax and personal tax deductions.  We have years of experience in sorting the best taxation outcomes for all different types of employees including doctors, teachers, miners, tradespeople, IT professionals and many others.

For businesses we can help with tax planning for income tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and other taxes.


All too often people seek advice regarding the tax consequences of something after they undertake a transaction.  This can have significant negative consequences and given the complexity of our tax system it is important to ensure all taxes and costs have been factored in before the transaction has been completed.  We also have access to specialist advice if required to ensure all aspects are covered giving you peace of mind.

The nature of our business planning meetings mean that we can provide real benefits to our clients.  Whether your business is operated as a sole trader, company, partnership or family trust we can provide real value with our advice.

There are other day-to-day business decisions that you make, which may also have unintended tax consequences, such as providing telephone or motor vehicle to an employee, salary sacrifice, buying properties  etc. So making sure that you get the right advice at the start, will save you some tax pains at a later date.