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At KTM Newcastle, our director Jeff Mcleary has used the services of Martin Spiers both personally and professionally for the last 6 years and introduced Martin and H & M Accountants to KTM Newcastle to act as our business accountant.
We have been delighted with the professional service and insight into our business accounting practices, whereby H & M Accountants have assisted us in training and ongoing assistance with our accounting procedures.
Going forward, we have decided to set up an accounting package that will allow H & M Accountants to provide further guidance and assistance to our business over the years to come.

Belinda - KTM Newcastle

Despite having over 14 years of dealings with Philippe, his high degree of professionalism and diligent work ethic continue to impress us. Philippe’s wide experience in the fields of both Law and Accounting have given him an array of knowledge that continues to help our business operate exactly how we want it to. Under Philippe’s watchful eye our business has only expanded. He helps us in a number of areas, including getting our business structure and operations right. He also helps us in the fields such as protecting our assets, and estate planning.

Philippe is never forceful or stubborn with his clients, but he is firm in fulfilling his client’s wishes. He listens to what we would like done and factors in all variables before making a personal recommendation, and then working tirelessly to bring it to fruition. 

Philippe is incredibly efficient, and it is with no hesitation when I say that he has earned his place as a partner at H&M Accountants. It truly is an honour to have Philippe as our business financial advisor, and I cannot praise or recommend this man more highly.

Halina Wojno – Armidale Minto Dental

In our dealings with Martin & everyone at H & M Accounting we have been thrilled with both the advice and the level of service we have received. When our business structure changed, Martin was easily contactable and always extremely helpful in advising in appropriate matters to help our business run smoothly in regards to taxation, day-to-day business running’s and employee related issues. Whenever we have needed assistance it has always been addressed in a prompt and friendly manner – no matter how small or large the issue may be.
I could not recommend Martins expertise enough, he has been invaluable in the assistance of setting up of our business.

Liam Taylor – Director Taylor Made Building & Maintenance Pty Ltd

Kate and I have depended on the wonderful accounting service and honest and frank business advice, initially provided by Denis Hancock and now by Philippe Phan of HM Accountants since we opened our veterinary practice 22 years ago. 
Through the trials and tribulations of a growing small business, Denis and Philippe have provided a solid foundation of practical financial advice and ethical business conduct. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that we would not be where we are today if not for the valuable input from this wonderful team.

Mark and Kate Simpson (owner of the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital)

We have been in business for over 15 years, and have known Philippe for most of that time.

Although Philippe talks numbers in everyday language, his advice covers more than just the numbers. He has helped us in all aspects of our business life, and he also helps us in achieving the work/life balance that some people only talk about.

I would recommend Philippe and his team to all business owners who are looking for an accountant who talk their language, and who cares about them as individuals.

Scott & Julie Robinson – Hamilton Denture Clinic and Lower Hunter Denture Clinic

The close relationship that HunterNet has enjoyed with H&M Accountants is evidenced by the appointment of one of its partners, Mr Denis Hancock, as Corporate Financial Advisor to both the Co-operative and Group Training Boards of Directors. 

H&M Accountants have played an integral role in the ongoing growth of HunterNet and many of our members businesses.  On a daily basis, H&M Accountants ‘go the extra yard’ to exceed our expectations in terms of client support and services. Download the full HunterNet testimonial Download the full HunterNet testimonial (397 KB)

Tony Cade Chied Executive Officer HunterNet